Frederick A. Pfaff, CEO

Fred’s “hands-on” leadership is evident in day to day operations of Anchor Manufacturing Group, Inc. He strategically leads company reinventions across the entire spectrum of business facilitating Anchor’s emergence as a world-class supplier of stampings and welded assemblies. Fred’s strategic leadership and planning has guided Anchor, leading this privately owned organization and its associates to sustainable growth well into the future.

Driven by a very strong sense of customer satisfaction, Fred instills Anchor’s principle of demanding more from Anchor than their customers expect. Resourceful and innovative, he always searches out new ways to improve manufacturing operations and implement best practices.

Fred inherited his ingenuity and get-it-done drive from his father, Edward Pfaff, founder and chairman of the board. Fred began his career as a part-time employee at Anchor while attending school. He has honed his expertise by working in the manufacturing, tool & die, maintenance, quality and engineering departments.

With nearly 30 years’ broad-based general management experience, he understands how each part of Anchor functions on a very deep level. He was very involved in all facets of Anchor’s organization, focusing on the greatest area of need at a given moment of the business cycle.  Since Tony Parente joined the team Fred will focus on strategic planning and sustained growth.

Fred has a Masters of Business Administration from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business as well as a BSE from Cornell University, both degrees with distinction. He has over 30 years of experience in every facet of metal stamping, Fred has substantial technical knowledge of tool & die, machining and metal forming from both classroom and shop floor experience.

Fred continues to focus on the future of Anchor and is an active participant with the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), CEO Roundtables, and Vistage International.

Tony Parente, President & COO

Tony Parente Anchor Mfg (1)In 2017 Tony Parente joined Anchor as the new president and COO. Tony comes to Anchor with decades of experience and successful leadership in the automotive metal forming industry, and he will strengthen Anchor to achieve its strategic growth goals. These include focused-growth manufacturing parts and assemblies in the areas of high-strength aluminum, decorative trim, safety-critical/steering columns and exhaust systems.

Tony specializes in cost-reduction activities that drive profitability and efficiency and has a proven record of growth and market expansion.

Tony began his career in the automotive industry as an electrical apprentice nearly 40 years ago. He progressed through numerous engineering, technology, plant, division and executive management positions. Most recently he was the president of a large U.S. automotive supplier company.

Tony Parente explained “This is an exciting time for Anchor and its customers as the automotive market develops and implements new technologies that focus on driver safety, improved fuel economy through lightweight materials and improved emissions. Anchor will continue to solidify its position as a top partner for its customers in these areas for many years to come.”